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Campaign outlines ‘practical and simple’ tips for parents to limit children’s screen time – Irish Examiner

Irish Examiner
Campaign outlines 'practical and simple' tips for parents to limit children's screen time
Irish Examiner
Parents are being asked to reduce the amount of screen time their children are having and to become more active. The START campaign – from safefood, the HSE and Healthy Ireland – is encouraging parents to put away the screens and pause for play with …
New campaign encouraging parents to limit children's screen timeNewstalk 106-108 fm

START – Parenting is tough. You are tougher – SafefoodSafefood

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After-School Association’s Ambassador Program Puts Power Behind Play – Associations Now

Associations Now
After-School Association's Ambassador Program Puts Power Behind Play
Associations Now
Ambassadors will have access to research, expert tips, and ideas for play, many of which will be located at The Genius of Play website. Anna Yudina, director of marketing initiatives at The Toy Association, said in a news release that the partnership

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