I promise myself I wouldn’t get married

When I finally settle down, that’s when I realized the importance of commitment and value. Life becomes more light and happy. Perhaps, there is no perfect relationship, you experience pain, struggles, sacrifices but you will realize at the end of the day you have a family that genuinely loves you.
I promise myself I wouldn’t get married, I don’t like to get tied up for the rest of my life. Maybe yes I experienced lots of difficulties, and come up to this decision in life. For me, I wanted to give my family a comfortable life, my mom, and my siblings. My dad left us so many years ago because he cheated on mom and joined his mistress. He is always away from us with so many alibis until mom found out his secret. It was excruciating for mom to end their relationship, my siblings and I force her because it is too much already. Perhaps that is the reason also why I do not like long-term commitment because its a hassle for me and knew that it would always end. I am afraid to experience the same pain as my mom; I saw how she suffered a lot and became so hysterical a couple of times. Sometimes, she is out of her mind and imagining my dad. I pity for her, but our situation is getting worse.
Our life becomes more complicated when dad stops supporting us. My mom is only a dishwasher, and it is not enough for everyone. I help her to look for a job, I became a crew and with the little amount I get can sustain our daily needs. It doesn’t easy especially if you have a dream to finish school but you have to sacrifice yourself for your siblings. My family is more important than my dreams, I do not want to see them struggling so much.
Until my mother got sick, I need a bigger money for her hospitalization and maintenance. I do not know where I could get that amount until an agency of Welling Escorts discovered me. I applied as a Welling Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/welling-escorts, and luckily I get the job. It was very helpful and at the same time, hospitalized my mom.
And because of the help of Mr. Jonathan Johnson, my loyal client my mom cured. Later on, Mr. Jonathan Johnson sending me some chocolates and flowers almost every day. I do not know what he meant until he told me that he is falling in love with me. We have a relationship, and then get married. I feel so comfortable with him; it feels like you are safe and secure. I do not need to think about everything because I have a husband standing by my side. Getting married is one of the most life-changing decision I made. I become more happy in life and know my importance. Marriage for me is somewhat you commit all of you to the person, and both of you will help each other to continue this journey.

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