London Escorts Talks about Relationship abuse.

Now, it may sound very serious when you hear relationship abuse, and you might only think of violence. But relationship abuse isn’t just violence. It also includes controlling behavior and it affects a lot of young people. It’s really important for young people to understand what is and isn’t acceptable behavior in a relationship.
How to spot early signs of abuse, and what to do if one of your friends is in an abusive relationship. So let’s just go through a few things.
First of all, what is relationship abuse?
It is not just physical. It can be emotional, sexual, verbal and controlling behavior. All of these things are serious and not okay. How to spot signs of abuse.
Here are just some examples.
Calling you names, hitting you, checking your phone or emails. Not letting you hang out with your friends. Pressuring you to do things you don’t want to do, such as send naked photos. Pressuring or forcing you to do sexual acts you don’t want to do. Isolating you from your friends or family. Making you feel scared or down about yourself.
Making you believe that they are the only person that really cares about you. And telling you that they hurt you because they love you so much. Don’t do these things, and don’t accept this kind of behavior. It’s a sign of a bad relationship.
How to respond to abuse.
First of all if you’re in an abusive relationship it’s not your fault. You may be too scared to speak up because you love them and are afraid of losing them. That is a horrible situation to be in. But talk to someone, tell someone what is going on. This could be friends, family, a professional, the police.
If you’re in a situation like this there are people out there that will listen and understand. And never forget that help and support is available. You can find more details on London Escorts Website at
Healthy relationships are build on good communication, trust and mutual respect, which does not include checking up on and controlling who they speak to.
What if your friend is in an abusive relationship?
It can be horrible seeing your friend go through something like this. And if their abuser has been successful in making them feel isolated from their friends, if you ask them about it they may not believe you and they may choose their abuser over you, which may be especially hard to witness.
But remember you may be the person they turn to for advice, so be there for them. Listen to them and talk to them.
Encourage them to talk to someone with more experience such as a family member or a professional. There are so many people who can support them, Show them that you love them and that you care.

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