How to keep you libido healthy

How do you keep your libido healthy? Libido is all about energy and keeping your energy levels up. Mind you, it is not an easy task to do at all. These days we are subject to a lot of stress and it is fair to say that it affects your libido. I am sure that many of the girls here at London escorts have experienced stress from time to time. The gents that I date at London escorts have certainly experience stress and I think that is the biggest problem. I keep telling people to reduce stress and lower their stress levels.

When I first started to date at escorts in London, I did not appreciate that stress was such an issue. Of course, many of the gents that I meet up with at escorts in London run their own business and they are always on the go. It is probably not doing that much good to be honest. Getting them to take advice is hard work, and I am not sure that they are listening anyway. I keep getting a lot of uncommitted answers when I give them the simplest of better health advice to keep their libido healthy.

One of the things that I always tell my gents about is sleep. Most of them do not sleep enough and they think that working for long hours is okay. There is no way that we are designed to just manage on a few hours sleep every night. We need a lot more than that, and you should get at least eight. I date this one gent at London escorts who only sleeps for four hours every night. He says that sleeping is a waste of time, and then rushed out of my escorts in Londonboudoir to the next meeting. I would have to disagree and perhaps he should look at himself in the mirror.

Another gent that I see a lot of at escorts in London, does not eat well at all. He is as skinny as a rake, and never eats breakfast. For some reason he has got into hos head than one meal a day is enough. Well, I can tell him that he is not getting enough nutrition in that one meal to keep his libido healthy. He is exhausted when he collapses on my massage couch for his weekly massage. Clearly his lifestyle is not doing him any good either, and I am sure that he is low in B vitamins.

Well, London escorts are not health experts but I think that we are rather a sensible lot. If you work too hard and burn the candle at both ends, there is no way that it is going to do you libido any good at all. They make not think that we can tell, but we certainly can. The other day I thought that I would make up a little advice guide on how to improve your libido for my gents at the most fantastic escorts in London. It is still on my computer and I have not printed it off yet. I keep wondering if I am wasting my time, and if any of my gents will find the time to read it.

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