A Low Libido: Todays Solutions

It is a very common problem for men over the age of 30, and a low libido can have a variety of causes and several different solutions. Many men suffer in silence and are too embarrassed to seek help with this issue. It can lower your quality of life and if it is a hormone issue it can also cause other problems with everyday life.

Most cases of a low libido are caused by declining levels of testosterone. When men age to over thirty years their levels of hormone production decrease. One of the most common side effects of declining levels of testosterone is a low libido or decreased sex drive.

When a man’s sex drive decreases, they may suffer in their relationships. It is hard to have a satisfying intimate relationship without healthy sex. Other problems such as a slower metabolism and decreased energy levels can also occur when a man is experiencing low testosterone. It is important to speak to your doctor about all the treatments that are available for this issue. There are also over the counter products that are designed to give men a temporary boost in libido for those spontaneous moments.

Sometimes there are other factors that can cause low libidos such as high blood pressure, cancer, medication, surgery, and many other physical factors. If your low libido is caused by any of these issues, then you need to consult your physician before trying any other forms of over the counter remedies because they could mix badly with the current medications that you are taking. You might also aggravate any issues that you are currently experiencing. Only take those over the counter remedies if you are healthy and active.

You may be suffering from low libido because of a phycological issue. If this might be the case it is highly recommended that you seek a professional therapist or counselor so that you can talk through those issues to try to find a resolution. That way, you can get back to a healthy sexual lifestyle that will be fulfilling instead of frustrating

Your doctor can help you to determine if you have low testosterone of if the cause of the decrease in sex drive is a medical or medicinal issue. Once you have narrowed down the possibilities then you can make steps toward correcting the issue and getting back to the old you. Don’t wait, you should explore your options today.

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